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risku9 March 20, 2012 13:49

Run two different flows
Hi everybody,

I have to run a simulation with Numeca Fine considering two inlet flows that mix inside a reservoir:

first flow: air.
second flow: oxygen + SO2 with a determined concentration

I'm not really sure if I can do this with Fine. I should be capable of retrieving the SO2 concentration at the outlet.

Thank you!!! :)

oldshoes81 April 5, 2012 21:06

Hi risku9,

To run this type of simulation, you will need to use combustion module in your fineopen. 2 inlets with one outlet is alright in this case. You may need a combustion table that describes your thermodynamic properties of your species and this table will only be generated by NUMECA, so i would encourage you to seek for your local representative for help.

Please keep in mind that no reaction will be considered during the simulation.

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