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rmoreno November 11, 2012 19:28

Is e actually the Enthalpy in rhoCentralFoam?
Dear all,

I have been struggling for some time comparing the equations and the flux calculations in Openfoam, but I guess I know more or less now what it is all about.

However, checking the relationship between psi and the energy I have found a discrepancy that I would like to confirm if it is real or not.

I am using OpenFoam 2.1, the ShockTube tutorial.

If I output directly to a file e and T, it happens that e is not Cv*T, as one would expect, but Cp*T (i.e. the Enthalpy). However, the Energy equation, at least to my knowledge, is treating e as the energy and adding the pressure to it.

Am I missing something or this is an actual bug?

Thanks a lot and best regards

rmoreno November 18, 2012 18:34

It turns out that this is an already known bug (see

In fact it only returns the enthalpy when T=Tstd, which was the case.

Anyway, it was its inconsistency with the standard perfect gas formulation what was giving me headaches.


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