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h.ono July 23, 2013 20:49

Implementation of dynOneEqEddy LES model
Hi all,

I have doubts about implementation of incompressible::dynOneEqEddy turbulence model.

For example, in the part of calculating ck, symmTensor MM is calculated as

MM = simpleFilter_(-2.0*delta()*sqrt(KK)*filter_(D))
in 2.2.x original source code.

but I think, MM must be calculated as

MM = delta()*(filter_(sqrt(k_)*D) - 2*sqrt(KK + filter_(k_))*filter_(D))
written in comment section of header file "dynOneEqEddy.H".

In addition, MM is calculated as the latter in "homogeneousDynOneEqEddy"

Why the former is used?

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