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Tobi January 14, 2014 18:06

buoyantPimpleFoam - no relaxation
Hi all,

maybe I found a bug in the buoyantPimpleFoam solver.


  • small case (2D - wedged)
  • closed volume
  • T initialized with setFields
  • dt = 1e-8
  • save date all 1e-8 (so every iteration)

1. Step

  • No relaxation factors in fvSolution
  • I get 24 iterations
  • after that simulation blow up

2. Step

  • added relaxation to fvSolution
  • After 24 iterations the simulation blow up

3. Step

  • relax factors to 0.001
  • After 24 iterations the simulation blow up
  • Solution in paraview like Step 1 and 2

4. Step

  • relax factors changed to 1e5
  • After 24 iterations the simulation blow up
  • Solution in paraview like 1, 2 and 3

So in my opinion the relaxation factors are not taken into accout because if I set the factors to 1e5 I should never reach the second/third iteration, arent I ?

Additionally I had a look into the code - relaxation is included:


So now the question is, why I get always same solutions if I change the relaxation factors - thats not correct.

If I change the factors in simpleFoam to 100 the simulation blow up at the beginning.

Thanks in advance

Tobi January 14, 2014 18:14

Hi all,

sometimes people should go to bed if they are tierd.
The relaxation is working - I just made a mistake in the relaxation declaration with "Final" ...

@Mod - this thread can be deleted.
Thanks for reading and sorry for "spaming"

Regards Tobi

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