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gschaider January 7, 2009 17:10

In ReactingParcelIO.C there is
In ReactingParcelIO.C there is an error that makes it fail if reading data from a previous run where some of the parcels have for instance a Y_liquid of 0 (division by zero). This patch fixes this: ReactingParcelIO.patch

BTW: I haven't tested it, but it occurred to me during fixing this that if there was for instance a species H2O in the liquid and the solid phase of the parcel they both would get written to lagrangian/YH2O. I'd propose calling them YlH2O and YsH2O just to avoid such clashes (however unlikely they might be)

gcollecutt January 8, 2009 21:27

Bernhard, The reacting parc

The reacting parcel class was originally written for modelling combustion of coal particles. The class was intended to allow the parcels to have a liquid component but the calcMassTransfer() routine is not yet able to support this - hence the class was never tested with liquid components.

Have you included some form evaporation/condensation in a mass transfer model?


gschaider January 12, 2009 12:13

Hi Greg! Yes, I'm working o
Hi Greg!

Yes, I'm working on an evaporation model included. But the error also occurs for Y_gas and Y_solid equal to 0. I was only using Y_liquid as an example.


gcollecutt January 12, 2009 21:37

Bernhard, How have you stru

How have you structured the inclusion of the evaporation model? The massTransfer() routine was designed to call run time selectable devolatilisation models. I think it would be unwise to inlcude the liquid evaporation physics into the devolatilisation model - it should go in as its own model. In this case the parcelProperties dictionary should specify a both a devolatilisation model (or NoDevolatilisation) and an evaporation model (or NoEvaporisation). The reacting parcel template should likewise be modified to call these to models seperately and get rid of the generic call to massTransfer() which already is misleading since the surface reaction model also causes mass transfer.


gschaider January 13, 2009 08:17

Hi Greg! You're right. I re
Hi Greg!

You're right. I rewrote massTransfer for my parcels and introduced a separate EvaporationModel-hierarchy.


gcollecutt January 13, 2009 15:29

Hi Berhhard, I have been wo
Hi Berhhard,

I have been working with one of the guys at OpenCFD to develop the reacting parcel class. Is there a chance we could have a look at your code?


gschaider January 13, 2009 17:34

Hi Greg! Got to check with
Hi Greg!

Got to check with our client whether it's OK if I removed the customer-specific stuff and gave it to you.


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