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gschaider January 5, 2009 16:07

Hi! I was trying to load-da

I was trying to load-data using the PV3FoamReader from a script using pvpython (which comes with Paraview and is basically the Paraview Python-interface without the GUI). During loading the data the filter consistently crashed. I tracked this back to two locations where a pqApplicationCore-object was referenced (as I understand it the actual Qt-application) to get to the ServerManager. As in pvpython no GUI is present this was a NULL-pointer and subsequent calls to methods of that "object" crashed (fair enough)

This patch checks for the NULLness of the pointer and exits the method in that case (the only side effect is that the patch-names won't appear in the picture IF that was selected. To fix that one would have to find an alternate way to get to the PV-Servermanager) PV3FoamReader.patch


heather January 6, 2009 11:03

Thanks Bernhard - we've applie
Thanks Bernhard - we've applied the changes and committed the update to the 1.5.x git repository.

Do you know of/would you like to look into an alternative route to the PV server manager object?

gschaider January 6, 2009 12:57

Hi Andrew! I currently don'
Hi Andrew!

I currently don't know of another route to the ServerManager, but there should be one. I'll have a look and will get back to you if I find anything.


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