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kbr June 2, 2008 02:03

1) Description: Using polySp
Using polySpline in blockMeshDict with interpolating points not in-line gives only a straight line between start and end point.

Old (OF 1.4.1, polySplineEdge.C, line 78):
scalar interval = (N-3)/N;

scalar interval = (N - scalar(3))/N;

Depending on the operating system it may occur a problem with "readLabel(is), readLabel(is)" reading the labels of the two vertices the spline connects because it is not specified which label is read first.

A suggestion that may help is to use another constructor of curvedEdge:

Old (OF 1.4.1, polySplineEdge.C, line 132):



henry June 2, 2008 05:56

Hi Kerstin, Thanks for the
Hi Kerstin,

Thanks for the corrections, I will put them in 1.5


ffbof June 6, 2008 13:04

Hi Kerstin, thank you very
Hi Kerstin,

thank you very much for that suggestion.

It helped, we are now totally happy.

It was a very good work to find that bug. How long have you searched for the solution ?

I tried which result i get for example:
label N = 12
label result = ( N-3 )/N
leads to N = 0;
label result = ( N-scalar(3) )/N
leads to N = 0.75

This is a strange thing, i thought a label is similar to an int.

So again thank you very much for your effort.

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