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adona058 August 22, 2008 15:08

This bug report is in relation
This bug report is in relation to my post in the CFD section: CFD Posting

The case is that of a bubble rising in a 10cm square channel. I have included a test case at time-step 1.015. Normally the error occurs at around 1.01687. The original mesh has a grid spacing of 20 x 20 x 120 (x,y,z). The test case was run without a gravity vector until the pressure, U, and gamma reached an equilibrium state. At that point (representing t=1), the gravity vector is set to (0,0,-9.81), and the simulation is continued.

The calculations are stable right up until the error is shown, hence the reason I am relatively confident that it is a grid problem with the dynamic mesh refinement operated in parallel.

The test case can be found here:

This is a tar.gz file. I appologize for the size of the file, unfortunately it is necessary to save you considerable computation time.

Any help that you may provide in overcoming this error is greatly appreciated.



adona058 August 22, 2008 15:19

The file was not able to uploa
The file was not able to upload due to size constraints... I have placed it on my own personal site, so it can be downloaded. The link is here: Download File
the file is 23.4 mb.

Just to provide some additional detail while I wait for it to upload. The test case contains results at 0, 1, and 1.015. Everything is configured to run on 8 processors, with a start time of 1.015. It will take a few minutes for the error to appear.

If you make it to 1.07, then you've made it farther than I have.



mattijs August 26, 2008 07:01

Thanks. I'll have a look.
Thanks. I'll have a look.

mattijs September 5, 2008 06:22

Hi Adam, finally fixed it (
Hi Adam,

finally fixed it (I think). There were some points not being removed when unrefining. Should be in the 1.5.x git now (in particular removeFaces.C)

Could you get back to me whether it works or not?

adona058 September 5, 2008 08:05

Thanks Mattijs, I will try
Thanks Mattijs,

I will try to get back to you either later today or early next week, depending on how quickly I can get the files updated on the cluster.


adona058 September 5, 2008 12:47

Hi Mattijs The modification
Hi Mattijs

The modifications you made work great. The simulation is proceeding past the point where it previously had errors, and the cell merging appears to be working beside the processor boundaries.

Thank you for the quick turnarround.


peter73 November 18, 2008 15:36

Adam, How do you initiali

How do you initialize the gamma in the directory 0/gamma?


peter73 November 18, 2008 15:58

Ignore the previous post. Shou
Ignore the previous post. Should be more careful.

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