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achuneka September 24, 2008 12:47

Problem - The default tutorial
Problem - The default tutorial case (throttle3D) for lesCavitatingFoam blows up

Platform - Linux (Redhat version 4.2)

Negative pressure and hence very high values of U observed.
At time = 0.004, the code blows.

mattijs September 25, 2008 13:49

Thanks for the report. There i
Thanks for the report. There is no immediate bug in the code. We've only run it up to 1e-4 so you are a bit in uncharted territory. The physics are quite complex so you might want to make the numerics a bit more stable.
- make sure you use the mapped solution from the 2D case to start.
- limit the gradients on the velocity if the turbulence quantities go unstable.
- change the div scheme to e.g. upwind.

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