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wikstrom September 2, 2008 02:45

Dear Developers, Just encou
Dear Developers,

Just encountered a minor inconsistency:

In LESProperties, conveniently all constants are represented by scalars, however PrandtlDelta performs dimensionedScalar lookups.

OpenFOAM version
1.5.x (Pulled from git repo)

Affected files

Simple Fix:

< kappa_(dimensionedScalar(dd.lookup("kappa")).value ()),
> kappa_(readScalar(dd.lookup("kappa"))),
< dimensionedScalar(dd.subDict(type() + "Coeffs").lookup("Cdelta"))
< .value()
> readScalar(dd.subDict(type() + "Coeffs").lookup("Cdelta"))
< kappa_ = dimensionedScalar(d.lookup("kappa")).value();
< Cdelta_ = dimensionedScalar(dd.lookup("Cdelta")).value();
> kappa_ = readScalar(d.lookup("kappa"));
> Cdelta_ = readScalar(dd.lookup("Cdelta"));


henry September 2, 2008 05:19

Thanks for the bug-report, the
Thanks for the bug-report, the fix is now in the 1.5.x git repository.


Sylvain August 9, 2010 08:59

It looks like the proposal of Niklas is not present in 1.7.x version as it still looking for dimensionedScalar Lookups.

When I run pisoFoam it is not finding the kappa constant even if I put it in the dictionary, I don't know yet if it is linked. I will try to recompile the code with Niklas proposal. I'm not sure, I'm a bit lost among all those models and C code...



heather August 9, 2010 09:52

Thanks - I've re-added the code to 1.7.x - should be there the next time you 'git pull'


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