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gschaider June 14, 2007 14:40

Compiling decompositionMethods
Compiling decompositionMethods in 1.4 with OpenMPI as the MPI-implementation wouldn't work (compiled the C++-bindings where it was not supposed to do so).

Inserting the #define shown below into metisDecomp/metisDecomp.C solved the problem:

extern "C"
# include "metis.h"

mattijs June 14, 2007 17:04

Thanks. I guess this is becaus
Thanks. I guess this is because of the Metis and ParMetis (partially) sharing the same library files. I split off ParMetis from Metis into a separate library so the decompositionMethods library will compile without an MPI installation.

bastil July 5, 2008 10:35

Sorry for adding here. I have
Sorry for adding here. I have some basic questions about that: As far as I understand OF comes with "metis" partitioning, this is serial one, right? And if you recompile it with OpenMPI you can use it in parallel, eg. do parallel decomposition? Or am I wrong? Thanks.

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