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7islands June 9, 2008 03:51

Description: I think Eq. (2.
I think Eq. (2.7) of the User Guide (page U-39), one of a set of equations to find the size of the smallest cell for a graded mesh,
alpha = R<sup>n</sup> (for R > 1), R<sup>1/n</sup> (for R < 1)
should be written as
alpha = R (for R > 1), 1 - r<sup>-n</sup> + r<sup>-1</sup> (for R < 1)
(note the case difference for R and r).


Source file:

The calculated size of the smallest cell using Eq. (2.7) according to the cavityGrade settings written in the manual i. e.

For the cavityGrade case the number of cells in each direction in a block is 10, the ratio
between largest and smallest cells is 2 and the block height and width is 0.05 m. Therefore
the smallest cell length is 3.45 mm.
is in fact 3.62 x 10<sup>-6</sup> m, which obviously is different from 3.45 mm. On the other hand with the corrected equation the calculated size agrees with the value. The corrected equation can be easily derived using the formulae for geometric series.


OF 1.4.1

I hope I'm not making silly oversight, misunderstanding or mistake (quite likely!) since the error looks too trivial...


mturcios777 June 9, 2008 11:29

I got the same thing and was g
I got the same thing and was going to post on the board, but forgot about it.

OpenFOAM discussion board administrator June 9, 2008 13:32

Dear Takuya, The User Guide
Dear Takuya,

The User Guide will be updated in the next version. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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