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mrangitschdowcom March 11, 2008 13:37

Hi all, I'm having fits get
Hi all,
I'm having fits getting openFOAM to run in parallel on a new cluster we've just installed. I keep getting 'cannot open file' errors when the code starts up. It's not consistent which files it fails to find or which processor fails to find them, and, in any event, all the files are all there (and have data in them).
Has anyone got an idea what might be wrong?

Mike Rangitsch

mrangitschdowcom April 8, 2008 13:11

Hi again all, Found the prob
Hi again all,
Found the problem -- it wasn't OpenFOAM. The file system on our new cluster had a couple of 'optimization' flags turned on, resulting in the date/time errors I kept encountering on file reads and writes. Fixed the flags, made a couple other changes, remounted the file system and it works again!

Thanks anyway!

Mike Rangitsch

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