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gschaider October 7, 2007 15:52

This is not a bug, just a mino
This is not a bug, just a minor inconvenience: If in simpleFoam/pitzDaily the turbulenceModel is changed to LRR, then runs end with

FOAM FATAL IO ERROR : unexpected class name volTensorField expected volSymmTensorField
while reading object R

Editing R to
- change the type to volSymmTensorField
- have the tensors have 6 elements
fixes this

I think, this is due to the changes to the turbulence-models in 1.4 (Using the symmetry of R). Obviously the tutorial files never got changed

onurdundar March 21, 2008 13:28

Hi Everybody When I was ru
Hi Everybody

When I was running LRR or Launder gibson turbulence model I saw this error. The solution is changing the volumeTensorField to volumeSymmTensorField in R file in 0 time folder. And also you should change the the tensor to 9 elements to 6 elements one. the R filed tensor is in this
form (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0)
change it to (0 0 0 0 0 0)

But last week I saw a file in the source of OF which contains default values of field files. and I thought that if it is changed, the problems will be disappear. However I did not do it because my case can be run in the command prompt without a problem. Today When I tried FoamX to open the same case it gave an error for R file. I think changing that file in OF source will be a permanent solution.
But I can not find that file now.
Now i have two question

1. Do you think is this solution be permanent solution of the problem.
2. do you have any idea where that files can be.

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