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alondono February 19, 2008 19:16

Hello guys, I have found a
Hello guys,

I have found a minor mistake inside the code, in the KineticTheoryModel.C file, when the equilibrium switch is on, the model uses the algebraic granular temperature equation as it was proposed by Syamlal (1993), well the mistake can be found in line 321:

The original code states:

volScalarField l3 = 4.0*K4*alpha*(2.0*K3*tr2D + K2*tr2D);

But, if the original equation is reviewed, you should notice that the line must be:

volScalarField l3 = 4.0*K4*alpha*(2.0*K3*trD2 + K2*tr2D);

The equation can be checked in the MFIX Documentation and also in the B.G.M. Van Wachem PhD. Thesis.

By the way, does anyone know about new developments of this code in newer releases of OpenFOAM?


Alex L.

alberto February 19, 2008 21:01

Bug confirmed :-) Here ther
Bug confirmed :-)

Here there's the fixed file. kineticTheoryModel.C

With kind regards,


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