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mwild January 25, 2008 09:48

Hi all Does anybody know as
Hi all

Does anybody know as to why in applications/utilities/parallelProcessing/decompositionMethods

- first is built from metis-5.0pre2
- then is linked against that
- followed by building from parMetisDecomp/ParMetis-3.1/METISLib which overwrites $FOAM_LIBBIN/

Consequently, everything will load built from ParMetis when it runs since the metis-5.0 version is no longer around.

Does any of you know any specific reason as to why this is done so? Why not build/link against provided by ParMetis in the first place?


mattijs January 28, 2008 17:05

Thought I posted something abo
Thought I posted something about this somewhere but cannot find it so

- Metis is being developed and there is some 5.0beta out. When building it creates a
- parMetis does not seem to be developed anymore and uses its own version of an old Metis which is built also as Unfortunately in the same directory and it overwrites the 5.0 version.

To answer your questions:
- there is no specific reason why this is so. We only discovered it later.
- parMetis can only be built if there is an mpi installed so it is optional and we want to keep it and its dependencies fully separate.
- the Metis-5.0 seems to be newer than the parMetis version so should be the preferred option.

Guess we're going to have to rename one of the Metis libraries so they don't clash.

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