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liuhuafei December 24, 2007 22:25

Maybe some bug in leastSquares
Maybe some bug in leastSquaresVectors.c

some error in calculation of dd in leastsquare vector

Source file:

void Foam::leastSquaresVectors::makeLeastSquaresVectors () const

if (p.coupled())
forAll(pd, patchFacei)
const vector& d = pd[patchFacei];

dd[faceCells[patchFacei]] +=

dd maybe done by the following:
dd[faceCells[patchFacei]] +=

also a question:
for the couple boundary,dd is calculated only for P cell(owner),why not for N cell(neighbour)?

henry December 27, 2007 18:47

Yes you are right this is a bu
Yes you are right this is a bug, the second use of pw[patchFacei] is as (1 - pw[patchFacei]) but the first is inconsistent and incorrect. Here is the corrected leastSquaresVectors.C to replace the file in OpenFOAM-1.4.1/src/finiteVolume/finiteVolume/gradSchemes/leastSquaresGrad

On the coupled boundaries only the owner contribution needs to be calculated, the neighbour contribution being calculated by the "other-side" of the couple.

Thanks for the bug report and proposed solution


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