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foret37 October 19, 2007 02:56

While installing OpenFoam on a
While installing OpenFoam on a Linux 64 bit machine, we discovered that the java binary packs for linux 32 bit and linux AMD 64 bit, as distributed at the OpenFoam site, are EXACTLY the same. Some more examination revealed that they are both 32 bit versions. (Note that there is no AMD 64 bit binary available at Sun for this version of Java.) This mix up may account for the problems some people have reported for installations of FoamX on Linux 64 bit machines.
The two identical files are:

Mark Brandon

henry October 19, 2007 03:26

Yes indeed, we are distributin
Yes indeed, we are distributing the 32bit version of Java for 64bit machines because the 64bit version is unavailable. All of the machines at OpenCFD are now 64bit and this mix does not appear to be causing any problems here.

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