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benofm August 23, 2007 22:29

Hi, I just installed the re

I just installed the recently released Debian stable version (32 bit i386). It includes gcc 4.1.2. I also installed flex, the various libraries needed etc and then proceeded to rebuild the source code. All of these were installed using aptitude so they should all be consistent.

I did not download the gcc version from the OpenFOAM web site but downloaded all the other files for download except the optional single precision library.

After installing all the required libraries and header files (a list would have been nice) I eventually got all the code compiled fine but if I try to run the first example I get the error message:

blockMesh: /usr/lib/ : version 'GLIBCXX_3.4.9' not found (required by blockMesh)

What does this mean? Yes, the stdlibc++6 libraries are definitely installed and I followed all the instructions in the readme closely.

If it all recompiled, how can it have an unresolved error? It it somehow linking in something that isnt being compiled? Are your make files flawed? Do they include something that links against a library thats is not part of your downloads but that you assume is installed?

Do I need to copy the compiled executables over the installed ones or something?

I pretty much followed all of the instructions, but it still did not work.

BTW: I think your downloaded packages quietly assume that a lot of very specific versions of unlisted packages are installed.

benofm August 23, 2007 22:50

One of the items I had to inst
One of the items I had to install was flex++. Is it standard on SUSE?

benofm August 23, 2007 22:59

If I go to applications/bin/li
If I go to applications/bin/linuxGccDpOpts I see some items that are recent (obviously compiled) but the that 'blockMesh' itself is fairly old and when I try to run the example it is obviously not running a 'blockMesh' executable that got compiled?

Is it compiled?

If I run the ./ALlwmake command again it pretty much just tells me all the libraries are up to date. The bottom lines are:

+ cd malloc
+ ./Allwmake
+ wmake libo fbdsmalloc
+ '[' '!' -r /home/ben/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.4.1/src/micro-2.3.12/platforms/linuxGCCDPOpt/lib/l ibmico2.3.12.a ']'

Is that last line normal?

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