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msrinath80 April 13, 2007 09:53

Description: On certain cases
On certain cases, simpleFoam solves for U and p but for some reason does not print out the solution for velocity (i.e. BICCG solver residuals) in stdout or the redirected log file. The case in question happens to be a non-conformal 2D case. Mesh generated using blockMesh. Not sure whether this problem applies to 3D cases too?

Solver/Application: Out of the box simpleFoam -> No modifications.

Source file:
simpleFoam.C ?

Can be downloaded from here ->

x86_64 GNU/Linux Distro: Scientific Linux 4.1 (basically an RHEL clone).

OpenFOAM version 1.3

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henry April 13, 2007 10:04

Thanks for the bug report. Th
Thanks for the bug report. The issue is associated with the tolerance used in checking the dimensionality of the case. Apparently the complexity of your mesh is causing an accumulation of round-off error which means the empty patches are not exactly flat. To fix this problem edit


and in polyMesh::calcDirections() change SMALL to 1e-6 and recompile the OpenFOAM library.

alternatively download the 1.4 pack I uploaded to sourceforge today which already includes this fix.


msrinath80 April 13, 2007 10:15

Brilliant! Will upgrade to 1.4
Brilliant! Will upgrade to 1.4 as soon as possible. Thanks!!

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