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hemph January 29, 2007 06:07

Problem: If the slip-boundary
Problem: If the slip-boundary condition is applied to one of the phases at a patch, the flux may still be different from zero. In my particluar case, where settling particles are simulated, the slip B.C applied at the bottom of the domain causes particles to exit.

Possible solution: I added a simple test to phaseModel.C,

isType<fixedvaluefvpatchvectorfield>(U_.boundaryFi eld()[i]) ||
(U_.boundaryField()[i].type() == "slip") )
phiTypes[i] = fixedValueFvPatchScalarField::typeName;

setting the flux to fixedValue for a slip B.C, which helped the result. This might have other implications which I am not aware of at the moment. This issue was discussed in the thread:


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