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hansel July 4, 2009 19:32

mergeMeshes no handling zones properly
OF1.5-dev downloaded 7/3/09 64 bit Ubuntu 9.04

I'm making 2 meshes with blockMesh, one has a zone of A, the other has a zone of B. I merge the two together with mergeMeshes and everything ends up in Zone A, Zone B has zero points, but is listed.

I can send a test case if it helps.


hansel July 25, 2009 18:44

I looked into this a little more and found this code fragment in mergePolyMesh.C line 431

// Add the zones if necessary
pointZoneNames_.size() != pointZones().size()
|| faceZoneNames_.size() != faceZones().size()
|| cellZoneNames_.size() != cellZones().size()


Was this something that was going to be completed later or is that really supposed to be empty?

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