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hansel September 7, 2009 01:43

Force bug in 1.5-dev???
I've constructed a 2d 10mx10m wind tunnel with a 1m diameter cylinder right in the middle. I've blown air in the +x direction at several different speeds and used the library to get the force on the cylinder.

In every case the largest force ends up in the -Y direction due to pressure. I would expect it to be in the +X direction. The small force in the pressure X component actually points upwind.

In paraFoam the pressure appears to be equal on the +Y and -Y side of the cylinder. The only asymmetry is in the X direction.

Were there any known bugs in 1.5 that swapped the force components?


hansel September 7, 2009 17:31

Update to this problem. I made my mesh 3x finer at the surface and now the forces are at least going in the right direction. Maybe this was all a mesh problem.

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