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cfdmarkus January 28, 2010 05:48

bug in dnsFOAM
Hi Guys,
I discovered a bug in dnsFOAM!
More precisely, the last line in kShellIntegration.C is wrong.
It should be changed from

return graph("E(k)", "k", "E(k)", Ek1D, k1D);
return graph("E(k)", "k", "E(k)", k1D, Ek1D);

otherwise the following manipulation and the resulting
energy spectra do not make any sense!

I would also like to mention that it would be very helpful if a reference to the used forcing scheme
would be given somewhere in the code or maybe a tiny little description of the forcing parameters sigma and alpha.
This would spare the users of dnsFoam a lot headache while trying to fiddle with these parameters!


henry January 29, 2010 06:01

Thanks for the bug-report, I will push the fix into OpenFOAM-1.6.x shortly.

You might find what you need to know in this paper or in the references:

@Article{ BoxOfTurbulence,
author = "Fureby, C. and Tabor, G. and Weller, H.G. and Gosman, A.D.",
title = "A Comparative Study of Sub-Grid Scale Models in Homogeneous
Isotropic Turbulence",
journal = "Phys. Fluids",
year = 1997,
volume = 9,
number = 5,
pages = "1416-1429",
month = "May"


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