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podallaire January 28, 2010 21:41

1.6.x topoChangerFvMesh - status

I'm starting this open discussion just to get an idea of the status of the dynamic mesh module coupled with the topochanger module in 1.6.x / is this feature fully functional ?

In our case, we are working with a library very similar to the existing 1.6.x linearValveLayersFvMesh. However, we are facing a topological/cutting error
when running the code. The only way to get our library to work is with 1.5-dev.

Furthermore, I'd like to understand why the linearValveLayersFvMesh module is commented in the make options ?

Best regards,


hjasak January 29, 2010 05:47

The topo change engine is broken beyond repair in all releases by OpenCFD and it's not likely to come back.

You will need to use the -dev line to do any of this work. All of the mesh handling, conversion, manipulation etc. code was written by me and maintained continuously, but my friends on the other side do not take contributions (they even deleted the Authorship tags from the code and list of contributors from the README file - woops!).

BTW, recent versions of 1.5-dev (to become 1.6-dev) will do topo changes in parallel as well (with some minor limitations).



podallaire February 15, 2010 12:53


thanks for the info. Too bad the topo changes don't work in 1.6.x ...

Do you have an idea when 1.6-dev will be out ?



pcaron April 5, 2010 09:23

Hrv and PO

I'm interested in the topo engine too. I've used OF since 1.5, but just as user. Now I'm trying to work with this feature. I don't have to much experience programming in OF, so probably I'll need help from the forum :D

First I'm downloading OF-1.5-dev, after that I'll find a similar application. What I want to do is simulate a compression molding process, What application do you think I should use?

Second, is there some documentation about topo changes and how to modify the code?

Thanks in advance,



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