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mcarpe February 26, 2010 09:21

Bug in PV3FoamReader
Hi all

I may have found a bug in the paraFoam ParaView reader. I'm using OpenFoam 1.6.x with the packaged ParaView (3.6) from the ThirdParty directory.

When I visualise data from R (the Reynolds stress tensor) I believe ParaView picks up the wrong components.
The order of the 6-component array (symmTensorField) is intepreted by PV as Rxx Ryy Rzz Rxy Rxz Ryz, while the correct order in OpenFoam is Rxx Rxy Rxz Ryy Ryz Rzz.

For example: I'm trying to visualise the boundary conditions for the inlet patch, so I know the values in advance. And I know that R is something like this:

(<positive value> 0 <negative value> <positive value> 0 <positive value>)

This, in OpenFoam means: xx xy xz yy yz zz

When I try to visualise it with paraFoam, I see the correct values ONLY for xx. When i visualise yy i see all 0 values (like xy in the original data). When i visualise zz i see negative values (like xz in the original data) which is clearly wrong, since Rzz can't be negative. An so on...


olesen March 11, 2010 08:22

This should now be fixed in the 1.6.x version.

mcarpe March 11, 2010 08:55


Originally Posted by olesen (Post 249541)
This should now be fixed in the 1.6.x version.

Thanks a lot!

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