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jens_klostermann March 5, 2010 10:56

Programmers Guide Bugs
For all users annoying is missing documentation or not updated documentation. So I will try to document some of the bugs in the Programmers Guide:

Here I am referring to OF-1.6 PG:

Component Maximum of a max(a) has to be changed to cmptMax(a)
Component Minimum of a min(a) has to be changed to cmptMin(a)

the scale(a,b) has to be changed to cmptMultiply(a,b) as mentioned here

There are probably more please list them here!


alberto March 6, 2010 03:06

The programmer's guide has been discontinued. See at the bottom of:


wyldckat September 7, 2013 05:44

FYI: I've consolidated this information here:

Feel free to add to this wiki page.

(This post is being placed on the relevant threads that are mentioned on this wiki page.)

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