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A.Devesa April 28, 2010 04:08

GGI + postCalc
Dear Foam users and developers,

i just wanted to have your opinion on what i consider as a possible bug concerning postprocessing for a GGI simulation:

if i compute any quantity using postcalc (like Lambda2 or Q) for more than one time step, then i get unphysical values at the GGI frontiers in the visualization of those quantities.

I'm trying now with an #include "createMesh.H" before each call of the calc function in postCalc.H, and it seems to solve the problem. Is this the correct way to do that?

rieuk July 13, 2010 11:40

I get large discontinuities but not non-physical values...I only ever calculated vorticity though...

mbeaudoin July 13, 2010 12:26


Can you reproduce the problem with either one of the actual OpenFOAM 1.5-dev tutorials, or using one of the Turbomachinery test cases suite?

Contributing a new test case is ok too. See here:

That way, we could add a new GGI specific test to the test harness.



Originally Posted by rieuk (Post 267076)
I get large discontinuities but not non-physical values...I only ever calculated vorticity though...

holger_marschall July 13, 2010 14:36

Hi Antoine and Pavan,

to avoid confusion for all OpenFOAMŽers allow me a bit housekeeping... :D

AFAIK, GGI has been developed within the OpenFOAM-Extend Project for OpenFOAMŽ-dev. Details can be found in the Presentation at the Workshop in Montreal or the Presentation at the OSCIC - both given by Martin and Hrvoje in 2008.

As this forum section concerns the core of OpenFOAMŽ as it is released by OpenCFDŽ Limited and as OpenFOAMŽ-Extend (among other features and functionalities) provides a own bug tracker MantisBT, all bug reports concerning OpenFOAMŽ-dev (soon OpenFOAMŽ-ext) specific features might be better placed here:


A.Devesa July 14, 2010 05:01

Hello all,

@Holger: since there is no specific forum until now for openfoam-extend (the forum on the openfoam-extend website points to this cfd-online forum), where can we then discuss about things, before being sure we're dealing with bugs?
Additionally, at the time i started this thread, there was neither the brandnew openfoam-extend website, nor the Mantis bug tracking... Shall i now report that problem there?

holger_marschall July 14, 2010 06:39


thanks for the feedback.

@ discussions of OF-Extend features (or problems related to them): Basically there are two possibilities IMO (and it was just meant to keep things sorted). You could either start a discussion with the special interest group closest to your problem ( or start a new thread within this forum.

@ time of thread start: Sorry, didn't see that. :o

P.S.: Please write me a mail / message or start a discussion in a more common forum part to talk further... I really think, this is the wrong place.


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