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bunni June 6, 2010 21:06

interFoam parallel
As discussed in a thread related to parallel computation, I've hit a bug in interFoam.

discussion is here:

Starting at post #23, I've got the output of the log file, and then on a following post I've included the files I've used. (blockMeshDict etc). I've been running that case serially now with different types of turb models (including laminar), and it runs fine on a single proc. for days. It's just the parallel jobs that die. Sadly, I was hoping for results sooner rather than later ...

mattijs June 9, 2010 11:13

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Took a while to find out what was wrong. The problem is your blockMesh which contains an unsupported mode of defining a cyclic (on patch1). We've only ever generated cyclics on opposite faces of a block but yours uses neighbouring faces.

Two workarounds:
- use opposite block faces and have a zero area axis face at the bottom.
- take your generated mesh and use createPatch to do an automatic face reordering. You'll need to add transformation information to your constant/polyMesh/boundary file (attached) and just have a dummy system/createPatchDict. Run createPatch and move the 1e-8/polyMesh back to the constant directory.



bunni June 9, 2010 17:39

thanks, I'll try that.

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