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Tj256 July 8, 2010 12:17

Cavity demo won't animate in ParaView

I've got the latest OpenFoam(1.7.0) and ParaView(3.8.0) and can't seem to get the cavity demo to do much more than show slight movement in the corners (red/blue areas).

The demo is here:

1) I ran blockMesh and icoFoam from within the case directory
2) I then ran paraFoam and was able to show the solid mesh by clicking on the "eye" icon on the side of the case
3) Selecting "color by p" turned the mesh red.
4) No amount of playing with the play/pause/rewind does much of anything -- still see all red
5) If I then go to the properties tab and click on "cache mesh" or "update gui" (seems to be a dummy operation, doesn't matter if they're checked or not) and hit apply, it seems to do some sort of update and the red/blue corners appear as you'd expect at time 0. This feels like an "updating" bug.

Even after all this, if I "play" the animation, I don't really see much in the way of any movement of the two areas of pressure as the demo suggests.

So my questions are:

1) Why do I need to monkey around with the properties tab to trigger paraview to display the data? The settings seem to matter little. Seems like it doesn't realize it needs to update.

2) Why is the demo out of the box not animating at all, save very very slight movement over the .5 seconds?

I do see a bunch of directories for every .1 second, and there is SOME animation, but the demo isn't behaving as the tutorial implies it should.

Anyone else have success or a similar problem with this demo?



Tj256 July 8, 2010 14:20

What should I be expecting?
I guess the first question really is a very simple one:

Has anyone gotten the cavity demo to run, and if so, should i see movement over the .5 seconds of the two high/low pressure areas flowing over the entire box?

I do see some slight movement, but it isn't very much. And this is with the unmodified demo.

Thanks for any hints...

Tj256 July 8, 2010 22:17

Nobody ever ran the cavity demo, eh?

It appears that even the dam tutorial does the "everything is red" thing., but no amount of fiddling .seems to fix it.

Tj256 July 8, 2010 22:35

Figured it out
Well, not the "red" issue, but my answer (I think) is that the cavity demo isn't supposed to change much. The problem I had with the dam was that I forgot to run setFields.

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