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luca July 30, 2010 04:13


taking a look inside the function Foam::MULES::implicitSolve I've noticed that:

the coding from line 168 to 191 seems to be useless.

The lambda variable is initialized by non-null constructor (lines 193, 196) and never correct but than it is used in the limiter function to modify the VOF fluxes (i.e. line 492)

These should affect the solution?

Best Regards


henry August 2, 2010 09:59

It would be useful if you specified which OpenFOAM version and file you are looking at.
Guessing that you are using OpenFOAM-1.7.x and looking at file src/finiteVolume/fvMatrices/solvers/MULES/MULESTemplates.C: note that CoLambda is a slicedSurfaceScalarField


luca August 3, 2010 04:05

Hi Henry,

yes I referred to 1.7.x version. You are right I've noticed that sliced use a reference in the constructor so also if Cof is defined inside the scope all is coherent.

Thank you very much for your reply


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