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kjetil October 25, 2010 20:03

blockMesh incorrectly attempts matching wrong cyclic faces (2 out of 3 works)
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I have created a neat cyclic+wedge mesh, but blockMesh refuses to "pair" one of the cyclic patches. I have checked vertices and blocks over and over again, and I don't think these are the problem anymore - unless there are some untold restrictions regarding the blocks arrangement.

Error message follows:

face 12 area does not match neighbour 64 by 8.7206% -- possible face ordering problem.
patch:inlet my area:1.5771e-05 neighbour area:1.44531e-05 matching tolerance:0.001
Mesh face:2418 vertices:4((0.00758169 0.0061177 0.1056) (0.00887663 0.00606116 0.1056) (0.00887663 -0.00606116 0.1056) (0.00758169 -0.0061177 0.1056))
Neighbour face:2470 vertices:4((0.0205312 0.00555231 0.1364) (0.0192362 0.00560885 0.1364) (0.0192362 -0.00560885 0.1364) (0.0205312 -0.00555231 0.1364))
Rerun with cyclic debug flag set for more information.

From function cyclicPolyPatch::calcTransforms()
in file meshes/polyMesh/polyPatches/constraint/cyclic/cyclicPolyPatch.C at line 179.

FOAM exiting

Now, the blockMeshDict file is attached, and the vertices making up the two patches are 13 to 16, and 26 to 29. They points in space are all perfectly specified, where only the z value differs between the patches. So is also the block definition.

The successfull en patches can be seen in red. The blue one inbetween is the one affected and which so far is unable to be added as a part of the cyclic patch.

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