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dhondupant November 23, 2010 11:18

reactingFoam wedge handling wrong U

I have to work with reactingFoam from OF 1.5 and found a strange result in my velocity field of an wedge case.


wedge 1 degree
two velocity Inlets with T=300K
one pressure Outlet
one axis
one Wall with U=0 and zeroGradient for the Rest

no chemical reactions included!
Lewis number = 1 so TemperatureField = const 300K!

reactingFoam from OF 1.5 shows a velocity near the axis region (5+velocity inlet) which is unphysically


reactingFoam from OF 1.7 will work as it shoud be


The velocity Field will be calculated wrong in reactingFoam from OF 1.5 while other solvers like simpleFoam from OF 1.5 or reactingFoam from OF 1.7 will calculate a correct Velocity Field in a Wedge case.

Why is that? Whats missing in reactingFoam from OF 1.5

dhondupant December 9, 2010 08:34

ok i got it now,

in the new version of open foam the read in document structure changed for the gravity vector which was set to zero in the new open foam version and set to -9.81mē/s along flow direction in older foam version which is also correct compared to similliar fluent simulations.

thanks for your answers anyway

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