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kpm January 29, 2011 07:15

[blockMesh] arbitrary behaviour at creation of arc edges
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As I received an "APPLICATION ERROR #2800" upon trying to set my password after following the link for the mantis registration, I report my issue here:

I believe there is a bug in blockMesh.
ArcEdges sometimes evolve around the wrong portion of the circle.
For example, if I define a 90 degree arc, the edge will try to exist
along the remaing 270 degrees of the circle, even if the middle
point isn't in this portion of the circle.
Swapping start and end points didn't help.

The issue seems to be affected by the arc edge's orientation to the coordinate system.
Refer to the attached picture. The radial tubes have arc edges in tangential planes
to create a circular cross-section.
The only tube that comes out correctly is the one where the tangential planes
of the arcs are within the y-z-plane.
If I create blocks around the radial tubes, the issue disappears,
and the arc edges turn out correctly.

blockMesh should either create arcs correctly, preferably such that the middle point
is actually in the middle of the arc, or provide additional dictionary options to
control arc creation.

blockMeshDict attached

kpm February 7, 2011 09:29

Sorry folks, that bug was not in blockMesh, but somewhere between keyboard and chair.

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