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Rezaslosh May 11, 2011 05:02

InterFoam crashes
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Dear Foamers
I'm running a sloshing case in a 2d rectangular tank outfitted with a thin screen(plate with rectangular holes) in the middle. When I refine the mesh in the vicinity of the screen down to a size of 0.2 mm the solver crashesh after about 35000 of iterations or 3 seconds of simulations. The Maximum Courant number is set to 0.25. The error message and plots showing the changes in the time step and GAMG(p_rgh) final residuals are attached. Apparently the GAMG solver diverges. But as you see in attachments, the time step doesn't show a sudden peak or irregular change in the last iteration. I'll wonder if you know about this error or bug.


Attachment 7655

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