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lichmaster July 1, 2011 04:05

[solved] decomposePar memory corruption
Hi Foamers,
this is my first post, and I'm also rather new to OpenFoam as well. :)

I've implemented an actuator disk solver as in

I had to change some minor things, for that tutorial was written for OF 1.5 dev and I've OF 1.71 and OF 2... however, it compiled fine and also seems to work fine on single processor (still have to test the results, though)

The problem is: if I try to run decomposePar, i get a memory corruption message, which never occurred before... Any ideas about what to check?
checkMesh gives no errors, and it's a simple "box" geometry with 512k cells created with blockMesh

Since it works correctly with other solvers, is there any chance that the error somehow comes from the new solver?


lichmaster July 4, 2011 05:30

I've managed to solve this problem...
I didn't correctly set the I.C of VolumeForce: the object entry was still "U" instead of "VolumeForce".
However, I find it very strange that no "canonical" error messages are given for this kind of mistakes, and also that single processor simulations have no problems at all...

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