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olesen July 22, 2011 09:56

problems with openmpi
Note that OpenFOAM-2.0 uses openmpi-1.5.3, which is a beta version that has known issues with GridEngine. See for more information.

If this affects you and you wish to continue using openmpi-1.4.3 with OpenFOAM-2.0 there are two means of doing this.

One method is to hack the etc/config/ file to reference the preferred version.
Another method is to use the hook provided in this file and define your own
config/ file with the contents:

# Modified openmpi settings
export FOAM_MPI=openmpi-1.4.3

(see the etc/config/example/ file).

This file is placed somewhere in the hierarchy searched by foamEtcFile. For example under $HOME/.OpenFOAM/2.0.x/config/

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