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brunomramoa January 16, 2020 07:08

title : Question regarding multi-material simulation
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Hello to all solid4Foamers,

Currently, I am doing a simulation of a bimaterial specimen deforming on a plate. The specimen is composed of a very soft material with a very hard insert [more information regarding the mechanical properties bellow].
The case is defined below:

The definition of the materials was performed via topoSet [OpenFoam v1906] using the stls of the geometry.

"To create movement" I am setting a patch on the top of the specimen with a fixedDisplacement time series to move the foot 5mm along the negative y-direction.

The mechanical properties are defined with a neoHookeanElastic behaviour and a nonLinearGeometryUpdatedLagrangian solidModel. When I set the material properties of the specimen and insert to be the same, I get a complete simulation. As soon as I set them to have their respective properties, the simulation stops shortly after starting. They have a ~3 order of magnitude difference in their modulus.

I will post the dictionaries bellow.

My question is:

How can I handle this type of simulation with multi-material? Do I need to set an intermediate layer to reduce the gradient of the mechanical properties? Does solids4Foam have anything implemented in this regard?
Does anyone have any experience with multi-material simulations?

pedroavr92 January 29, 2020 05:40

Hello Ramoa,

That is an interesting question, indeed...
I am also trying to simulate some multi-Material cases and I am having problems when I set up two materials with a huge difference in elastic modulus (steel and rubber).

It would be great if someone could give some insight into this issue...

best of luck =)

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