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sita February 6, 2020 06:37

Velocity profile in beamInCrossFlow/overset/elasticBeam
Hi everyone,

Recently, I installed the solids4foam toolbox, under foam-extend-4.1, on Ubuntu-18.04. I've been playing with the tutorials, and am especially pleased with the overset functionality, which enables FSI with large deformations.

I'm feeling rather silly asking this, but can anyone tell me how/where the inlet velocity profile is set in the beamInCrossFlow/overset/elasticBeam tutorial? In the tutorial without overset grid (beamInCrossFlow/elasticBeam), it's set in 0/fluid/U, as I would have expected, but in the overset case, the inlet is set to uniform (0 0 0). Checking log.solids4foam, I can see that the inlet velocity is set a number of times throughout the solution procedure, but I just can't seem to figure out where the velocity profile comes from.

Many thanks!

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