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matterenzo6 July 1, 2015 04:26

Helyx merging patches while meshing
i've been importing patches in the STL file format of an inlet , outlet and walls. The walls have been eating away the inlet and outlet patches. Is there any solution to this ?

chegdan July 4, 2015 18:33


First off, welcome to the forum. In order to help more efficiently you will have to be a bit more descriptive about your problem and clarify what you mean by "The walls have been eating away the inlet and outlet patches". I suggest stopping by the thread

After you glance at that thread, come back and post a reply with some more details. In fact, you may want to include logs, an example case, and or some screenshots of the issues. Most likely, you will need to make a slight adjustment in snappyHexMeshDict to correctly create your patches from your STL files. Also, you may need to make sure you patches are in fact defined properly by loading them separately in HELYX-OS or ParaView to see if they highlight the entire patch when selected on unselected in the viewing tree. I will check back once you have replied and see if I can help.

Best Regards,


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