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Tobi November 5, 2017 13:52

Extended objectFunction for postProcess application
Dear all,

my contribution of the new time derivative object function is new implemented in the OpenFOAM Foundation toolbox. Information about the discussion can be found here:

As one can see, the implementation to the postProcess tool was not done based on the inconsistency of the time derivative (information are missing). However, I already build the extension which I host on my personal repository. However, keep in mind that you will overwrite one core file of FOAM (GeometricFields class).

The additional feature for the postProcess allows one to analyze the field change during the saved time steps:

  • for steady state analyzes it can be used to check out steady-state behavior (the derivation between the time folders should be neglect able)
  • or postProcess some field change but with no consistency to the real physics.

The library can be found here:

Have fun,

However, the additional implementation into the postProcess

makaveli_lcf January 20, 2018 16:11

Hi Tobi! Thanks for your work!

I check repository main branch and I do not see source code in the main branch. Is it only avaiable at the OF-5.0 branch?

Cheers, Alex

Tobi January 21, 2018 14:25

Hi Alex, thanks for your Feedback. Yes, it is only for 5.0 / dev. If there is no other branch, than I did not add it.

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