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mahaputra April 23, 2009 09:51

Discretizer, a free mesh program for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
Dear All

Does Anyone here has experience with


i got the following message when tried to install this software:

user@user-desktop:~$ sh ubuntu_meshingsoftware.txt
[sudo] password for user:
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
g++ is already the newest version.
libxrandr-dev is already the newest version.
libgemplugin-ruby is already the newest version.
rubygems is already the newest version.
libopengl-ruby is already the newest version.
ruby1.8-dev is already the newest version.
libfox-1.6-0 is already the newest version.
libfox-1.6-dev is already the newest version.
libfox-1.6-doc is already the newest version.
libfxscintilla17 is already the newest version.
libfxscintilla-dev is already the newest version.
subversion is already the newest version.
subversion-tools is already the newest version.
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
--2009-04-23 14:41:36--
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Found
Location: http://files.rubyforge.vm.bytemark.c...uby-1.6.14.gem [following]
--2009-04-23 14:41:36-- http://files.rubyforge.vm.bytemark.c...uby-1.6.14.gem
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 1585152 (1.5M) [application/x-tar]
Saving to: `fxruby-1.6.14.gem'

100%[================================================== ================================================== ===============>] 1,585,152 880K/s in 1.8s

2009-04-23 14:41:38 (880 KB/s) - `fxruby-1.6.14.gem' saved [1585152/1585152]

Building native extensions. This could take a while...
Successfully installed fxruby-1.6.14
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for fxruby-1.6.14...
Installing RDoc documentation for fxruby-1.6.14...
Checked out revision 72.
ruby: No such file or directory -- discretizer.rb (LoadError)

my specification system :

Ubuntu 8.10

OpenFOAM 1.5 and OpenFoam-1.5-dev

intel core 2 duo

somebody can help me , please?

Jul D April 25, 2009 05:41


having tested discretizer, I have noticed that the file discretizer.rb is no longer located in the $ROOT_PATH_FOR_DISCRETIZER/ directory but you can find it in the $ROOT_PATH_FOR_DISCRETIZER/lib directory.

I suggest you edit the $ROOT_PATH_FOR_DISCRETIZER/bin/discretizer file and
modiy the line 6 to :


Then, to launch discretizer :


Hope it helps !


mahaputra April 25, 2009 09:05

Hi Jul D

the programmer of this software already give me some help, i.e:

just try:
$ cd lib
$ ruby discretizer.rb

but i still have problem regarding this software not stable on my screen (monitor), sometimes just hang without display the geometry.

please let me know, if you also get same problem.

have a nice weekend

Jul D April 26, 2009 14:21

Hi mahaputra,

indeed, discretizer often crashes without displaying the geometry when loading some of the examples. But I do not know why :(



mahaputra April 26, 2009 14:26


Originally Posted by Jul D (Post 214226)
Hi mahaputra,

indeed, discretizer often crashes without displaying the geometry when loading some of the examples. But I do not know why :(



Hi Julien D

give me your email address then i will forward another version of discretizer to you. this version i got directly from its programmer.

sega May 3, 2009 03:14


I tried to install the Discretizer in my home directory.
Unfortunately the installation script pointed to some different folders than contained by the tar-file.
I tried to change its content regarding the folder names (like 1.8.6-p110 etc.), but the tool is giving this error:


discretizer.rb:27:in `require': no such file to load -- zlib (LoadError)
        from discretizer.rb:2

Whats wrong?

bjornthe May 7, 2009 04:16

Discretizer crash
I can activate some rescue procedures to make Discretizer more tolerant when loading files. But then it is much harder to debug.

Also the file format is changed still. So if you do stuff with an older version of Discretizer and try to load it in a newer you will sometimes have problem.

Sometimes it is easy to fix a geometry file. I can try if you send me the file.

I try to freeze it, but still I added symmetry boundary condition yesterday.

And while I should stabilize the code there would be nice to have boundary layer...

My main goal is to make it a beta now.

Björn Bergqvist

sega May 9, 2009 06:16

Meanwhile I worked my way to install the discretizer.
Is there some kind of tutorial available, how things work with the software?

bjornthe May 10, 2009 14:54

No tutorial yet
I want to do Discretizer "good enough" before I do a tutorial.

sega May 11, 2009 05:13

Great idea!

Meanwhile I managed to install it on my Kubuntu 9.04 system.
Unfortunately the window is blocking my system screen all the time.
If I minimize the windows the menu is vanishing, but the part of the window containing the 3D view if the mesh is always on top of all the other applications.

Any ideas what may be the problem?

bjornthe May 11, 2009 05:26

Sounds like a problem with the window manager. Maybe you should turn of the desktop effects?

Björn Bergqvist

sega May 11, 2009 07:17


Originally Posted by bjornthe (Post 215703)
Maybe you should turn of the desktop effects?

Any ideas how this is done in Kubuntu 9.04 ?

bjornthe May 11, 2009 08:30

Settings -> Desktop
Disable "Enhanced Desktop"
Or something like that.

Björn Bergqvist

sega October 13, 2009 12:34

1 Attachment(s)
Your software is rapidly improving! Good work.

I just installed in on my system but it looks different than in your videos :-(

I was following you instruction for Ubuntu systems ...

What's wrong? Did I get the wrong version?
I used this command:

bjornthe October 13, 2009 13:49

No files released yet.
The movie is Discretizer-Setup. From SVN you just get Discretizer currently.

I started to do Discretizer-Setup a couple of weeks ago. It's just going to setup OpenFOAM cases. The reason for this is that I think it is a bit boring to set up OpenFOAM cases via text files. Discretizer-Setup isn't ready for upload yet (but anyone can get a tar.gz if you drop a mail).
So I will rip out everyting dealing with boundary conditions from Discretizer in (not so distant) future and let Discretizer-Setup do that work.
In Discretizer-Setup I've been switching between icoFoam a simpleFoam with success, rest of solvers could be added without any problems.

Also I try to develop Discretizer-Setup with a good structure so I can have contributions in future.

Björn Bergqvist

bigred October 14, 2009 03:14

looks like it's coming along nicely Björn! Looking forward to trying Discretizer-Setup.

lucacolla November 20, 2009 09:50

Hi all,

do you know if it is it possible to open and mesh a STL file with the currently downloadable vesion of Discretizer?

Thank you very much for your answers!


bjornthe November 21, 2009 06:24

No, it's not possible. Did you think of snappyHexMesh for volume mesh then?

Björn Bergqvist

lucacolla November 21, 2009 07:00

The issue is that I have an internal/pipe flow, so I don't feel like using snappyhexmesh.
Then I think I will go for a try with gmsh and engrid, though I still have some trouble to solve by meshing .igs (autocad) files with gmsh.

Thank you for your quick relpy and your great work in developing this application!


shirazbj May 3, 2010 09:07

Hi All,

I installed discretizer on Ubuntun 9.04.

discretizer_setup works fine, but discretizer has its window maximised to whole screen.

On another pc, discretizer can't show the drawing area correctly. It shows what on the screen before discretizer started. I created a piont and a cube and click the drawing area, I can seen the cube then. But when I release the mouse, the cube vanished and the drawing area back to its former display.

Any idea?



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