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demichie October 20, 2010 15:20

I'm trying to use GroovyBC to impose a variable temperature profile on the walls of a cylinder. I've started to learn something about GroovyBC from the OpenFOAMWiki page. I don't understand if I should view with paraview the new BC also at the time 0 or only at the following time steps (>0).
This is what the wiki says:

"There are four demo-cases included in the repository in a folder Demos. All of these cases only require a blockMesh."

So it seems that it is not required to run the solver but blockMesh should be sufficient to check if it is working (at time 0?), but at time 0, for the first Demo, I have a constant value at the inlet and not a parabolic one.
Is it correct?

Thank you

nimasam October 25, 2010 02:28

nothing wrong with groovy BC but it changes patch boundary condition after solver runs

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