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kyfung June 27, 2012 11:46

paraFoam won't run
I have just installed a windows version of OpenFoam. I started running as instructed by the user guide---the cavity problem. I started with BlockMesh and it ran okay, I think. It generates five files:


in the "cavity\constant\polyMesh" subdirectory. Then I was instructed to run paraFoam and the system gives me an error message that it's not an executable or a batch command. I also realize or at least I think the paraview needs to open a file called cavity.foam which I don't have. I am in reality stuck here. Can anyone give me some help on how should I proceed? Thanks in advance.

wyldckat June 27, 2012 14:58

Greetings kyfung and welcome to the forum!


Originally Posted by kyfung (Post 368596)
I have just installed a windows version of OpenFoam.

OK... Which one?
There are several (unofficial) modified builds of OpenFOAM for Windows on the Internet, along with the official "Use OpenFOAM in a VM"...
So which one are you talking about?

Best regards,

kyfung June 27, 2012 21:50

paraFoam won't run---details of the installation
Hello Bruno,

Okay, I am sorry about not giving the details of the specific version of the
installation I had. This is the information regarding the version I

I downloaded this version of OpenFoam from sourceforge and the webpage
address is:

the file name for this installation is:

It's being installed on a computer running Windows XP. I believe this version
is OpenFoam 1.5 and it's been out since 2009. By clicking on the "About" on
the GUI, it says it's compiled by MinGW c++ and also mentioned two gentlemen
called Constantine Faliagas and Otto Zimmer.

That's all the information I could gather at this point but if you need any
more I will sure be happy to search it out for you. Is this version I had a
stable and reliable release? or there exist a better version out there which
I have not came across?

Thanks again.

wyldckat June 28, 2012 04:58

Hi Ky Fung,

That's what happens when you use old technology that has pretty much no support.
You can try a more recent one, which is updated once in a while and that has some instructions :):

Best regards,

kyfung June 28, 2012 22:14

Hi Bruno,

Thanks. Will sure look into the blueCAPE software. Will let you know how it works for me but it may take couple weeks because I don't work full time on this cfd thing.

kyfung July 9, 2012 08:29

blue cfd sigle core installation
Hey Bruno,

got this blue cfd single core installed and it's working like as it should. Thanks for the link. I am running the tutorial and learning how to input the geometry to the software. Again thanks for your help and I think I can use some more help from this community when the day come. And I think this is a very useful community. Take care.

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