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ashkan December 17, 2013 00:00

compiling waveDyMFoam on Mac with OF 2.1.x
Hi guys,
I have been trying to compile waveDyMFoam on my Mac OSX 10.6.8. I have successfully compiled and tested OpenFOAM 2.1.x. I have also successfully compiled waves2foam.

However when I want to compile waveDyMFoam after following all the instructions I get the following error

pEqn.H:51:13: error: 'sources' was not declared in this scope
/Users/Ashkan/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-2.1.x/src/finiteVolume/lnInclude/readTimeControls.H:38:8: warning: unused variable 'maxDeltaT' [-Wunused-variable]
make: *** [Make/darwinIntel64Gcc46DPOpt/waveDyMFoam.o] Error 1

I just want to mention as I have OF 2.1.x the waves2foam solver version I used for making waveDyMFoam is solvers210.

I really appreciate any help.


ashkan December 17, 2013 01:56

I checked more and noticed the error is in the compilation of the waves2foam. During compiling waves2foam I get this error

Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
"Foam::interfaceProperties::interfaceProperties(Fo am::GeometricField<double, Foam::fvPatchField, Foam::volMesh> const&, Foam::GeometricField<Foam::Vector<double>, Foam::fvPatchField, Foam::volMesh> const&, Foam::IOdictionary const&)", referenced from:
_main in waveFoam.o
"Foam::interfaceProperties::calculateK()", referenced from:
_main in waveFoam.o
ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

and hence waves2foam solver is not compiled properly.

Any advice?

ashkan December 17, 2013 02:46

I figured out the waves2foam compilation error. I had to add -linterfaceProperties to the waveFoam/Make/option and now this part is resolved and the waveFoam solver is compiled correctly. However, I still have the first issue for waveDyMFoam compilation.

Any help is highly appreciated.

ashkan December 17, 2013 03:09

I resolved the first issue too and managed to compile the waveDyMFoam. I commented out line 51 in ....../solvers210/waveFoam/waveDyMFoam/pEqn.H file (sources.correct(U)).

Anyone knows if it going to affect the simulations, alter the results?

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