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T_Portolon December 26, 2011 00:03

OpenFOAM Downloading & Installing
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to download the OpenFOAM software, for Linux Unbuntu.
I already have downloaded the Linux operating system, but I didn't install it yet.

Do I need to install Unbuntu before downloading OpenFOAM?

Thanks in Advance,


wyldckat December 26, 2011 10:55

Greetings Tiago,

I suppose you are currently using Windows and this was why you posted your question on this part of the forum.

Anyway, most of the instructions are meant to be used directly on the Linux box. Only the following instructions can easily be done by previously downloading OpenFOAM:
All other instructions require some more fiddling, so it will depend on your objectives.

You might also want to try installing Ubuntu in a virtual machine instead: - this way you can postpone risking the loss of valuable information due to an Ubuntu installation gone wrong ;) Although with Ubuntu's Wubi, this shouldn't happen so easily.

Also, depending on your objectives, you might also want to try out blueCFD-SingleCore, which works directly on Windows:

Best regards,

T_Portolon December 26, 2011 11:15

Thanks Bruno,

Actually, I want to learn a little bit about OpenFOAM. I'm a begginer user of CFD softwares (Ansys Fluent and ICEM CFD).

Installing Unbuntu on a virtual machine is a good idea, so I'll try to do it.



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