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enjoybitter May 1, 2012 00:47

Are dieseFoam and dieselengineFoam standard solvers?
I installed OpenFOAM 2.1.0 a few days ago.
Only the engineFoam tutorial is in the dir.

How can I get the diesel Solvers?

wyldckat May 1, 2012 06:01

Greetings enjoybitter,

You'll have to build OpenFOAM 2.1.x if you want similar functionality has you've had with other versions of OpenFOAM. The new solver that does what dieselFoam did is now sprayFoam.

As for more information about sprayFoam, you'll have to search this forum for it, because the information is spread across various threads. Also, you can perhaps find out a bit more at, but I don't remember if the documentation has been written on this subject or not.

Best regards,

enjoybitter May 1, 2012 06:14

Bruno,thanks a lot. I found it. I am almost a beginner of OpenFOAM.

You are helpful. Thanks again.

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