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michielm June 15, 2012 05:52

broken foamInstallationTest?!
I have recently compiled OpenFoam 2.1.x on both a Suse and a Ubuntu linux machine (64-bits) and in both cases the compilation went without problems and I could run the icoFoam test case (and, by now, I have successfully ran other cases as well).

Funny thing is: foamInstallationTest tells me that the OpenFOAM environment is not configured. Is this a bug? Or is it possible that the absence of the standard thirdparty programs is causing this?

Not really an issue, but I was just curious if anyone knows!

wyldckat June 16, 2012 05:04

Greetings Michiel,

Well, you could be more specific ;) Such as:
  • What default Third-Party stuff aren't you using?
  • Does the ThirdParty-2.1.x folder even exist?
  • An edited output of what foamInstallationTest gives you would help to ascertain if it's a bug on the script or not.
It's been known that the script sometimes doesn't take into account certain modes of installation, but if feedback is provided to the developers, they'll fix it as soon as possible!

Best regards,

michielm June 16, 2012 05:32


1/2) Nothing, I don't have a thirdparty-2.1.x folder


Executing /home/michiel/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-2.1.x/bin/foamInstallationTest:

Checking basic setup...

FATAL ERROR: OpenFOAM environment not configured.

    Please refer to the installation section of the README file:
    <OpenFOAM installation dir>/OpenFOAM-2.1.x/README
    to source the OpenFOAM environment.

wyldckat June 16, 2012 06:39

LOL! Indeed, simply by renaming the folder "ThirdParty-2.1.x", the script indicates that things aren't OK. After I simply create an empty folder named "ThirdParty-2.1.x", the script no longer reports the error :D

And interesting, the script doesn't properly check if the MPI built with is available for execution, so even if icoFoam exists but doesn't work, it doesn't give out a critical message...

OK, here's what I know and my deduction of their point of view:
  • The script foamInstallationTest is only meant to be used when we follow the official instructions for 2.1.x and 2.1.0/1.
  • Any other situation, it's at the user's own discretion to determine if the installation is working as intended or not.
  • Such an example are the official OpenFOAM Deb and RPM packages, where the official instructions do not mention "foamInstallationTest" and simply state that "icoFoam -help" will give a good indication if things are installed properly.
For this script to be more generic and take into account these other installation options, it's necessary to spend some time fixing and testing the script on each environment. Since this isn't a critical feature, they haven't bothered fixing yet.

Reporting this as a bug is a start, but they probably won't fix it and might close the report with "won't fix" or something like that. Therefore, such a report should be done with a proposition for a proper fix, which takes into account:
  • Check if the MPI library is working as intended.
  • Independently of the ThirdParty folder being present, it should check if all of the necessary accessory body parts are present.
  • And a few more details... such as an indicated maximum tested Gcc version and so on.
Currently I don't have the time to look into this either, so if you have the experience+time to suggest a fix (i.e., supply a patch file or the improved script), feel free to do so here:

Best regards,

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