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TaPantaRei September 16, 2012 08:59

install OF2.1.1@Fedora17, error--> bash: module: command not found
Hello to everyone!

I am new here, also to linux environment. I followed the instructions of this page , and all went well, until the step 1 in user configuration:


In order to use the installed OpenFOAM package, complete the following
  1. The OpenFOAM binaries were compiled with OpenMPI version 1.5. Check that an OpenMPI module is available by typing in a terminal window module available
    This will return a list of modules that must include openmpi, e.g. openmpi-x86_64 for a 64 bit system.

when i write in my terminal--> module available
then it returns--> bash: module: command not found...

i dont know if the following is relevant, but if i give the command--> yum info openmpi
then it returns me the details of this package and says that it is installed.

Does anyone know what to do?

Thank you very much in advance and congratulations for this excellent forum.


l_r_mcglashan September 16, 2012 09:30

Ok, so use yum to find the package that provides module, which is environment-modules, and install it:

yum install environment-modules

Last time I checked environment-modules was a dependency of openmpi in fedora.

TaPantaRei September 16, 2012 11:13

thank you l_r_mcglashan for your reply. issue resolved.

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