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ed_teller September 20, 2012 12:41

How to clean the build environment...?

Is there any command to clean the build environment from object files, while still preserving the libraries and executables created...?

All i can find in foam directory is Allwmake... there is no Allwclean...



wyldckat September 22, 2012 16:32

Hi Alex,

Here's an example of why OpenFOAM is so great: we have full liberty to look at the source code of everything in it!

In this case, two folders are suspects:
  • The "bin" folder in "OpenFOAM-2.*.*".
  • The "wmake" folder, also in "OpenFOAM-2.*.*".
Almost all of the scripts placed in them have a nice big header that describes what each respective script does. It not, the source code inside it will tell it's own tale of how it does it's own job.

So, to answer your question, here are the following scripts that might come in handy to you:
  • rmoall - deletes all *.o files, starting from the folder where you are. More specifically, if you ask it for help:

    $ rmoall -help
    Usage: rmoall [dir1] .. [dirN]
        remove all .o files

  • rmdepall - ditto for *.dep
  • wcleanLnIncludeAll - ditto for "lnInclude" folders, but this you probably do not want, otherwise you won't be able to build your own custom utilities and solvers, nor use codeStream.
Best regards,

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